Our Philosophy

The U.S. Latino consumer market has gone through a significant transformation in the past decade. While originally identified as a culturally isolated group, mainly formed by Spanish-speaking immigrant consumers, the Latino market has evolved into a much more complex and heterogeneous group.

Today, the Latino market is formed by people from diverse countries of origin, cohorts and acculturation levels. In addition, it is being strongly influenced and redefined by U.S.-born Latinos, a growing segment that seamlessly navigates through both the American and Hispanic cultures. This bicultural group is increasingly becoming active and present in the American society. They express their opinions loudly and proudly, carrying their legacy culture with them, influencing the mainstream, and leading the change to a new, multicultural America.

Despite these dynamic shifts, the majority of marketing and communication strategies being developed by Industry today continue to target the Latino market as an isolated, homogeneous and monolithic group. Most campaigns appear to be based on generic insights and permeated by old stereotypes. The resulting communications, more often than not, fail to reflect the complexity and multicultural identity, as well as the experiences and beliefs of the majority of Latino consumers living in the United States.

At Synergia, we believe that leveraging the expanding opportunities within the thriving Hispanic market requires a deep understanding of the nuances and unique characteristics that exist among its various segments. While it is clear that brands must continue to communicate with Foreign-born Hispanics, we also believe that much more emphasis must be put on developing brand and marketing strategies that reflect and speak to the multiculturalism of Latinos today.

With this perspective as our foundation, we strive to design integrated solutions based on insights that truly reflect the evolving culture and context in which Latino consumers live today, and that take advantage of the potential synergies with our client’s existing branding and marketing strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to position our clients’ brand as the product/service of choice among Latinos. We will achieve that by delivering strategies that help the brand build deeper, more meaningful connections with their target Latino consumer and facilitate more frequent, culturally appropriate, and relevant interactions within their communities.