Our Services

Synergia provides a broad range of consumer research (qualitative and quantitative) and marketing strategy services that focus on helping clients better understand and communicate with the Latino consumer.

We can provide an end-to-end solution, from Market Modeling to Strategy Design, or we can work on discrete deliverables at various points throughout the marketing process.

Regardless of the nature of the engagement, we work closely with our clients to demystify the complexities of the Latino consumer market, leveraging our local and global expertise, as well as our industry experience and creativity, toward the development of relevant, culturally appropriate, and powerful strategies.

Synergia has organized its services and solutions around three key areas of expertise: Market Modeling, Cultural & Consumer Insight, and Strategy Design.


Leading marketers know that winning strategies are predicated upon robust, timely, and accurate information-based insight. This is particularly true for product and brand strategies that seek to resonate with the highly complex and dynamic Latino market.

With this in mind, Synergia has developed a broad range of Market Modeling capabilities that provide our clients with the quantitative and analytical insights they need to develop, evolve, and optimize their Latino-targeted brand strategies.

Our Market Modeling services include:
  • Market Attractiveness Assessment
  • Demographic and Socio-Economic Analysis
  • Syndicated Data Analytics
  • Customer Data Analytics
  • Geographic Clustering Analysis
  • Data Modeling and Forecasting
  • Quantitative Scenario Modeling



Communicating effectively with Latino consumers requires a thorough understanding of the cultural context that shapes their behavior and belief system, and how these elements influence their interactions with a brand.

At Synergia, we experience the Latino culture firsthand and have developed deep expertise regarding the issues, movements and trends that are influencing the Latino market today.

Our consumer research typically focuses on high-opportunity Hispanic consumer segments for our clients’ brands. By strategically combining different quantitative and qualitative methods, research is executed within the context in which consumers interact with these brands. This approach allows us to dig for genuine consumer perspectives and to deliver fresh, fertile, and actionable insights to our clients and their creative agencies.

Cultural and Consumer Insight services include:
  • Trend Spotting
  • Cultural Outlook Reports
  • Qualitative Research
    • Focus Groups
    • Consumer Dialogs
    • Ethnographies
    • Market Intercepts
    • Shop-Alongs
    • Photo & Video Journaling
    • Brand Panels
    • Social Media Monitoring
  • Quantitative Research
    • Attitude & Usage Studies
    • Brand Perception Studies
    • Brand Tracking
    • Market Pulse Surveys



A clear and well-structured strategy is critical for firms seeking to leverage the increasing market potential of U.S. Hispanics. Brands attempting to communicate with and build strong brand relationships within the Hispanic market must address all of the traditional marketing challenges, but must also develop the right mix of language, acculturation level, idiomatic messaging, and social context for the specific Hispanic segments they are targeting.

Synergia’s Strategy Design services offer a broad range of solutions specifically developed to provide targeted, differentiated, and actionable Hispanic strategies for our clients. Whether clients are seeking recommendations for a stand-alone marketing campaign or are considering launching an entirely new Hispanic oriented brand/product, Synergia’s breadth of applied strategic planning experience for the Hispanic market ensures that clients achieve their goals the first time.

Our Strategy Design services include:
  • In-Context Consumer Segmentation®
  • Most Valuable Hispanic Client®
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Product Development / Customization
  • Communications Strategy
  • Touchpoint Strategy
  • Retail Footprint Prioritization
  • Hispanic / General Market Brand Integration